Shoe Shaped Dog Bed – Pet’s New Favorite Spot to Sleep

They cut, tear, bite, and crap enough in your shoes that you might simply let them rest in them also. And, presently they can have a giant shoe shaped dog bed, formed like a giant croc or a shoe, will be the new most loved spot for your dog or cat to rest with the exception of on your lap or maybe on top of your real shoes.

Shoe Shaped Dog Bed

The giant shoe shaped dog bed is odor-resistant, has a non-slip base that you can clean off, has a reusable wool coating that causes you to rapidly wipe pee and crap off, and arrives in a couple of various colors.

giant shoe shaped dog bed

An incredible size for dogs or cats of small to medium size, the giant shoe formed dog bed estimates 31 inches in length x 14 inches wide x 9 inches tall. The bed is expected to keep you cool in the late spring, and warm in the winter.

giant shoe formed dog bed
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