Shark Toilet Paper Holder

You have seen the dog butt tissue paper holder, yet shouldn’t something be said about a shark?! This shark bite tissue roll holder looks like if you somehow happened to grab a couple of pieces of bathroom tissue, it will chomp your hand off. Consider the shark your bathroom tissue guard, or he’ll get frantic, as you should reconsider before getting in excess of 5 squares.

shark toilet paper holder

Like every other standard roll holder, the shark chomp tissue holder is strategically located on your toilet. the cylinder is mounted directly between his twisting tail and his brutal mouth that is going to nibble you. Utilizing real crushed stone that is then reinforced with top notch quality designer, the shark tissue mount is hand projected. Each shark is then exclusively painted by its craftsman’s by hand.

shark toilet paper roll holder

The shark bite tissue holder is incredible for the man-cavern washroom or even in the kids’ washroom, makes an ideal blessing thought for any shark lover you may meet, is hang by key-hole slots on your wall, doesn’t contain any bathroom tissue, loads 2 lbs, and measures 11 inches wide x 7.5 inches tall x 6 inches down.

best shark toilet paper roll holder
shark toilet paper holder
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