Self-Turning Machine Slowly Flips Each Item Being Cooked

I don’t think a lot about Japanese food, nor have I ever known about Takoyaki, yet I certainly need this marvelous cooking machine that turns each cooked item automatically. It glances as though in the center there is a cat pawing gradually at each object being cooked to gradually give it to be cooked altogether on all sides.

Takoyaki machine

How it functions is, you simply turn it on to get it pre-heated to the correct temperature, at that point empty the batter into each cooking slot. On each slot, the middle cover turning region will then pop upward to turn it around 1/4 of the way about. The Takoyaki will then cook consummately on all sides after a couple of rotations without you doing any manual turning.

takoyaki electric grill

The Japanese Takoyaki automated electronic cooking machine will grill a sum of 12 Takoyaki balls all at once, take around 3 minutes to cook all octopus balls completely, and when you think the Takoyakis are done cooking or should turn them off physically, you should shut it off.


The Takoyaki self-turning grilling machine is manufactured in Japan, is 100 volts, however works fine on 110 volts, can cook fundamentally in ball shape (pancakes, doughnut balls, etc.), loads 8.33 lbs and measures 13.3 x 12.6 x 11.7 inches.

Takoyaki dish
Takoyaki variation
Takoyaki automatic machine
Takoyaki self-turning grilling machine
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