Samurai Sword Stick Gear Stick

People have love for swords, martial arts and Kung-Fu. Experience the Samurai Sword feeling with a Katana Stick Shifter. These are car gear sticks which can be placed instead of gear knob. Now change gear easily no matter whether your car is auto or manual gear. This is really cool to experience changing a gear with a samurai sword gear stick. No longer you are an ordinary driver, experience a ninja or samurai warrior feel with gear shifting knob while you drive.

katana automatic shift knob

The sword gear stick comes in 3 different versions based on what length of sword handle you want. The most basic standard version measures 4inches long, the medium one is about 6.1inches long and the third version is 10.2inches long. Though one might not be cool enough to show off drifting or racing car skills but can always have a ninja feeling driving a car with Samurai Sword Gear Stick. Let’s get to know what the stuff is made from.

Samurai Sword Stick Gear StickThe samurai sword gear knob is made with Japanese classical braided pattern that depicts a gaudy dragon pattern. This makes it look more super and unique too to be designed for car knob. The samurai sword stick shift for sure lets you have instant conversation once anyone steps inside the car.

samurai sword shift knob manual

samurai sword clutch



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