Rolled Omelette Making Pan

Do your omelette get destroy every time when you try to dish out it, so you don’t need  to be worried . The omelette pan allows allows you to easily make an omelette by simply rolling it instead of flipping it into the air attempting turn over back to the ground.

How to use it? Simply pour the egg batter in the first compartment, move pan slightly vertical to runs down the egg to the second compartment, and let it sit. Once the egg is started scramble add veggies and meat or so on. Whatever else you put in your omelette into the first compartment. Now, just turn off the heat, and start rolling your omelette up using the included heat resistant spatula.

This pan is manufactured with aluminum material which has densely packed structure that can not get hole or break from its surface. It contain aluminum material which is good conductor of heat and catches heat so easily so it is recommended to keep it on low flame for better cooking Egg Roll, Folded Egg,tamago Omelet Pan,convex Bottom Frying Pan+spatula(turner): Home & Kitchen


  • Adopts aluminum alloy die-casting one-piece molding process
  • Dense and packed molecular structure
  • Can transfer heat fastly
  • Can use in low flame because it is manufactured with aluminum
  • It is non slip pan and comfortable in handling
  • Its unique shape can flip omelets, sandwiches and pancakes
  • Suitable for home, hotel and restaurant kitchens.


  • Made from cast aluminum
  • Has a heat resistant handle
  • Contains a POA free non-stick coating

The pan itself measures 8.8 inches long x 5.3 inches wide x 1.38 inches deep while the whole pan measures 12.4 inches long. It’s flat base provide a wide area to put more then one egg to flip and cook.



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