Rocket Tissue Dispenser – Ideal for Space Loving Child or Geek

This space ship box makes the tissues hanging from the box seem like the smoke from a rocket ship that was launched. The dispenser is utilized by inserting the tissue box through the highest point of the upside down, and taking out the initial tissue through the last, an extraordinary blessing thought for any space and rocket adoring youngster or geek, or any SpaceX/Elon Musk fan kid.

Rocket Tissue Dispenser

Made by Romboxt, a company that makes a lot of distinct tissue boxes, with others including a dispenser of volcano tissue, a ballerina tissue box, a dispenser of rain storm tissue, and more. The rocket shape tissue boxes make it look like something that is essential for the painting on the box, similar to smoke from a volcano, an artist’s outfit, or the cloud of storm, is the tissue originating from the box.

rocket tissue dispenser box

The tissue box is utilized with a standard square tissue box, is designed by Ken Sobel, comes in dark or blue tones to look over, and measures 12.25 inches tall x 5 inches wide x 5.25 inches long.

rocket tissue box
space rocket tissue box
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