Rock ‘N Bowl Doubles As An Unsolved Puzzle For Your Dog


The PAW5 is a moderate feed dog food bowl that bends over as a riddle to comprehend your dog’s apportioning food as they solve it. Alright, don’t have the foggiest idea whether it’s a significant riddle rather than only a bowl that you need to continue moving as an afterthought to offer food. The PAW5 Rock ‘N Bowl is a vivid dog bowl, carrying longer and more advantageous dinners. The manner in which it works is that the bowl has a plate that sits on head of it, formed like a canine paw with a lot of gaps inside. If they have the food falling into the holes, they need to roll the bowl onto their sides to apportion the food out of different holes outside the pot.

The rocking dog bowl’s powerful development is intended to withstand all the slamming, pushing, scouring, and moving your pooch would surely do to it, in addition to the bowl dismantled into three simple to – clean pieces with 2 single snaps. The bowl is additionally very simple to use for individuals, simply dump the dog food into the top zone and let the bowl and canine wrap up.

The unique dog food puzzle bowl is produced using FDA-agreeable BPA and Phthalate free plastic in the USA, holds up to 4 cups of pooch food, works for any size, sex, and canine variety, and is worked to work off your dog’s common impulses of chasing and scrounging.

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