Remarkable Hip Belt Carries Your Baby in A Comfortable Way

If you know what I mean, parenthood can be a real pain in the back, shoulders and neck. You can’t wait, as a new parent, to hold and snuggle your little one, every day. But as your child grows a little older and heavier, you know that most of the day it’s not easy to carry around your child or deal with a baby who constantly wants to go up and down. So, what can you do to help you get through those days when your baby just wants you to hold him? Get yourself a remarkable hip belt.
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A remarkable hip belt with strong buckles folds around your waist, giving much better protection. Keeping you and your child healthy while carrying your child around. You will never again have to be seen with one of those full body infant carriers that suffocate out you while giving you a warmth stroke. While carrying your infant around simultaneously.

The waist belt has a waist diameter width of 28 inches to 44 inches. Making it ideal for most men or women. Whereas the large platform shape is skin-friendly and supportive, keeping the legs of your baby relaxed at all times. It also has a rather handy pocket to carry some of your things. So, in fact it doubles as a fanny-pack.

The baby hip carrier is recommended for babies aged 6-36 months or up to 44 lbs in weight and does not carry your baby completely on your body because you will still need to hold them with at least one hand.


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