Refrigerator Key Lock – Food Remains Safe

Why would someone like to put a lock on the fridge door? Do you got bunch of people in your home that likes to munch late night?  Now you can just put a lock on the fridge door to avoid fridge items getting disappeared. The unique device can put off the munching and snacking addict of kids or youngsters. The unique refrigerator key lock is easy to install without any tools required. The refrigerator door lock with key lets the fridge be secure from unnecessary door opening. The lock fits on to refrigerator door with a strong 3M adhesive and uses grade cables to connect two steel plates.
refrigerator key lock refrigerator door lock with keyWhen there is a need to unlock the device, you can simply open up the cable to access fridge items. This means you can’t snack-up at midnight. Mothers and wives see this device pretty unique and ideal and to keep all eatable stuff secure from being vanished. As you see, the fridge lock with key not only meant to be strictly used for freezer or fridge but can be used for other things in home such as cabinets or drawers. This device is a great stuff for offices, home and hospitals.

compact refrigerator with lock and key refrigerator locker

In order to install the lock for refrigerator door, clean the surface where the strips will be placed, peel off the 3M adhesive sticker and press the lock and other strip firmly for five seconds. Let the strips set for 24 hours and then you can start using. The lock for fridge door can secure not only food but allows the fridge to generate more cooling while being closed and not being frequently used. In addition, the lock can serve as child lock for kids that keep getting into kitchen stuff and makes it messy. The refrigerator door lock kit is now available and easy to shop online at affordable price.

refrigerator lock with key refrigerator key lock set

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