Pyramid Bonfire Pit-Ideal Way to Have a Bonfire

Bonfires are often excellent means to spend leisure time and have entertainment. What makes this activity as tiresome is to decide a place and the clean the mess once done with bonfire. Since, the world has been too quick in making new inventions, the concept of bonfire and camping is totally revolutionized. With the all-new Pyramid Outdoor fireplace, you can plan for everyday camping and socializing with your friends and family.

triangular fire pit

This pyramid has elevated square base and open design that maintains fire in the pyramid shaped structure. It is an invention and a product by Iron Embers made from thick frames of steel. The inner mesh wires are resistant to fires and provides 360 degrees view of fire inside. Pyramid bonfire can be moved to any place of your choice. It has been made to make sure that oxygen level is there for fire and now getting a place to set up a camping is not an issue at all.

Pyramid Bonfire Pit

Cleaning the whole things is easy as compared to burning of wood logs traditionally. It is lightweight and pyramid shaped outdoor fireplace is ideal for using wood as fuel. Also, the embers emanating from the fuel burning are safely inside the stainless-steel wire mesh. The pyramid bonfire pit has a drainage floor on the bottom for easy cleanup, and to make it ready to go whenever you want to use it!

pyramid gas fire pit

The unique pyramid bonfire pit comes with a sloped bottom to keep the fire contained in the middle of the pyramid. The pyramid pit outdoor fireplace comes in 4 different sizes. This is ranging from 3 feet to for the smallest size up to 6 feet tall for the largest pyramid. It comes with a spring handle to keep it from getting too hot when you need to open it up to add wood.
pyramid fire

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