Projection Pool Light Turns Pool Into Aquarium

If you have a pool and you don’t have at least 3 children, chances are that your pool sits are generally unused, so why you not try to make it as cool as could reasonably be expected if it isn’t being utilized. Sure you could enlighten your pool with its current inherent pool light, yet with this one of a kind floating projection light, why not transform your pool into a lavish aquarium? It’s known as the Rainbow Reef Aquarium Pool Light, and it’s a battery-powered light floating around your pool that anticipating fish (and a shark) outlines onto the base of your tank.

floating projection light

Useful for pool owners with youngsters who love to swim around evening time or for individuals who simply need to make the most of their pool territory around evening time, the floating pool light can cause the fish appear to swim around as the pool light skips here and there and goes in the water.

pool aquarium light

The novel fish pool light gives instant aquarium mood in any pool of any size and shape, worked by 4 AA batteries which are fixed watertight inside the unit. You can likewise switch between 3 unique methods of light, including white lights, color lights, and method of color change. The pool projection light measures altogether simply 7.25 inches in width x 5.6 inches in tallness.

SwimWays Rainbow Reef Aquarium Pool Light
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best SwimWays pool aquarium light
Rainbow Reef Aquarium Pool Light set
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