Walabot DIY Stud Finder and Wall Scanner

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Detects wood & metal studs, PVC & metal pipes, electric cables and wires inside walls
Uses cutting-edge radar technology to see inside drywall
Scans up to 4 inches (10 centimeters) deep into your walls
Works with Android phones running Android 6. 0 and above with USB on-the-go (OTG).
Not compatible with iPhone and iPads and tablets


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Walabot Diy Wall Scanner is a tool that specializes in finding the studs and uses most advanced censors to accurately identify studs. It scans perfectly and accurately tells whether it is wood, metal, pipes, wires etc. Such detection is necessary before drilling wall for any fixtures.

This makes it an ideal Walabot Wall Scanner that digitally detects wooden beams, wood or metal parts located inside walls.

It is android friendly and compatible for android devices.
Walabot stud finder works on concrete and drywalls. It can scan 10cm deep into walls and often allows snapshots for offline analysis.

The device is portable to carry and user friendly. Plumbers, electricians and carpenters can have the most benefits out of it. They can understand accordingly which area of wall is best for drilling, breaking or hammering. Stud finder wall scanner makes job easier by detecting the metal studs, plastic, pipes. PVCs, cables and wires.

The device uses the radio frequency technology to provide user with real time view about what is there inside the walls. Additionally, there are different modes to enhance user experience.

The android phone can be connected to the device. Once the image mode is set, the wall image is presented in real time with exact location of studs and other items. The expert mode helps in identifying movement in tracking pests and rodents. The pan mode provides an overview of the wall and maps interior features to give ana overview. Raw mode detects the stud edges and allow to map each stud in detail.

Specification: Walabot DIY Stud Finder and Wall Scanner



Walabot DIY Stud Finder and Wall Scanner
Walabot DIY Stud Finder and Wall Scanner


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