Set of Two Long Distance Friendship Lamps

Colorful Friendship Lamps that can lighten up your lives with people around the world who you love.
Keep one lamp with you and send the other to your loved one.
Set a color scheme that you like and the same will appear in the lamp with your loved one.


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Check out the long-distance friendship lamps….These are too easy to setup and among the good ways to stay connect with people who you love and likely to maintain relations. Just simply buy the pair of long-distance friendship lamp, keep one lamp with you and send the other to your loving one who lives far away.
In order to connect them you can read the manual out which is provided once you buy and then connect to your home Wi-fi. Once connection is developed you can link the lamp with unique ID and set the Brookstone long-distance friendship lamps color of your choice.

To activate the color on the friendship lamp wi-fi must be on and lamp light turns on with a single touch. Now you can easily connect with family and friends and once the same color is lit up on the lamps you could feel the love from your loved ones.
There is no. restriction on connecting as many lamps as needed. It is a best friendship gift, can be given to your siblings or parents in case a person lives far.

Light up and remember your loved ones- Friendship color lamps are the unique touch lamp that gives you an easy way to connect with people you love-across any distance!
With two or more lamps connected with Wi-Fi, let your loved ones feel you are thinking of them by lighting up the lamp with your favourite colour.
All you have to do is touch your lamp and they will know you are thinking of them no matter where they are in the world.
You can even change your lamps colour if you want to send different messages, simply hold down on the top until the color is selected.
All lamps can display all the colors, and you will need two or more lamps to get the most benefit from these Friendship Lamps.

Specification: Set of Two Long Distance Friendship Lamps


Set of Two Long Distance Friendship Lamps
Set of Two Long Distance Friendship Lamps


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