Sandwich Cutter

Easily remove crusts and make delectable homemade pocket sandwiches from the comfort of your own kitchen! The Bigleaf. Sandwich Sealer and Decruster transforms regular bread and sandwich ingredients into crust-free pocket sandwiches, bursting with flavors that kids adore. Transform your uninteresting sandwiches into tasty on-the-go munchies. Both you and your kids will enjoy not having to deal with the inconvenience of manually scraping off crusts! Your sandwiches will quickly seal and decruster. This handy sandwich decruster may be placed directly into the dishwasher for simple cleanup once you’ve finished preparing your sandwich. We like to make things straightforward and practical, so feel free to put the sandwich sealer on either the top or bottom rack!


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Your next favorite kitchen gadget is about to be Bigler’s convenient sandwich sealer and decruster! Use whatever filling you desire to quickly and effortlessly make sealed pocket sandwiches at home. They make an excellent, mess-free grab-and-go snack or nutritious school lunch that your child will love.

AN ENJOYABLE TREAT FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES: Picky children were considered while designing this inexpensive sandwich sealer kit, but adults adore them too! Make drab, uninteresting sandwiches into tasty sandwich pockets that no one can resist. Even picky eaters will be eager to bite into this fluffy, soft sandwich creation to discover what delicious filling is inside. You can make nutritious sandwiches of any kind and quickly seal them using our sandwich sealer. We have created the ideal two-part technique if you want to cut the crust but not seal it. You can now order the sandwich that you and your children want.

WORKS ON ALL BREADS: All types of bread can be sealed and cut using our versatile tool as long as there is at least 3.9 inches of bread on each side (excluding crust). Because of this, using white, whole wheat, or multi-grain bread is simple. And for quick cleanup, just throw them into the dishwasher after use.


  •  Gather the ingredients for your sandwiches.
  •  To distribute or position the filling on the first slice of bread, use our filler dimension guidance
  •  Add the third piece of bread
  • To remove crusts, position the cutter (big piece) and press down
  •  Create your pocket sandwich by leaving the cutter in position, inserting the sealer, and pressing hard to seal the edges
  • Cut off the crust and savor it
    Grab & Go Snack
    School Lunch
    Bento Box
    Office Lunch
    Parties & Events
    Picnics, Camping, Parks, Beaches & other Outdoor Outings


  • Portable & durable  At 4” x 4” , this sandwich sealer is ultra portable
  • Free1 x Round Form (7.5 x 5 x 1.25)1 x Square Form (7.5 x 5 x 1.25)
  • Safe 100% BPA-free plastic cutter is smooth and rounded
  • No sharp edges or metal cutting blade






Specification: Sandwich Cutter


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