Play Dough Hair Salon Barber Shop

All styles are welcome at the Play-Doh barbershop! This toy hair salon for kids 3 years and up gives them lots of ways to play pretend hairdresser and give the “customer” the most creative hairstyles they can imagine. See how long you can make the Play-Doh hair grow by adding as much modeling compound as you can! Change up the shape and thickness of the pretend hair with the toy styling head attachments. The four styling head attachments create four different clay dough hairstyles, each with a different thickness and form. Kids ages 3 and older would love receiving this toy as a gift. Adding dough modelling compound to the fuzzy pumper in this toy hair style set repeatedly will cause the colorful dough hair to continue to grow longer and longer.


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The Play-Doh barbershop accepts all hairstyles! The most imaginative hairstyles they can think of can be given to the “client” in this toy hair salon for children aged three and above. Add as much modelling compound as you can, then watch the Play-Doh hair grow as long as you can! With the toy styling head attachments, you can alter the thickness and shape of the fictitious hair. With 3 colors and 2 ounces in each of the 8 tri-color cans, there are numerous combinations possible. Kids will also enjoy giving the client a Play-Doh haircut with the help of the pretend razor and Play-Doh scissors and starting over. This Play-Doh playset, which is based on the vintage Fuzzy Pumper playground, makes an excellent present. The set is complemented by a variety of mold accessories to enhance the child’s visual effects and to foster their understanding of colour. The clay dough extruder for barbershops uses a special rotary lock design that is simple to disassemble, clean, and reassemble.



  • Plastic and colored mud materials are safe
  • Non-toxic and safe to play with
  • It is a very fashionable parent-child interactive toy with various accessories
  •  4 styling head attachments in a variety of shapes
  • Easy to disassemble



  • Material: Plastic rubber mud
  • Size: 27.5*19*17cm/10.83*7.48*6.7″
  • Includes: 1 X hairdresser, 3 X hair mold, 1 X shampoo,1 X scissors,4 X hair tools, 2 X hair release, 5 X color muds (Random Colors)
  • Color: Accessories with random colors



Specification: Play Dough Hair Salon Barber Shop


Play Dough Hair Salon Barber Shop
Play Dough Hair Salon Barber Shop
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