PetSafe Ride Dog Travel Crate

Durable travel crate with an aluminum frame that swiftly collapses for easy storage. To make room for human passengers in the back seat, this foldable dog box fits on one seat. When your pet moves, the headrest strap and car seatbelt prevent the cage from moving.

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Your dog will have a cozy place to ride in the Happy Ride Collapsible Travel Crate, where he will be securely enclosed but not restrained. This luggage box has enough of room without taking up the whole back seat. There will still be space for more people since it just takes up one seat. Large mesh panels on the front and sides of this capacious kennel allow your dog to view everyone within the vehicle and prevent overheating or freezing. Additionally, it makes it possible for your dog to see out the car window and for you to quickly check on your pet from the back seat. A pad with a removable, machine-washable, waterproof fleece cover is located within the dog travel box. After particularly dirty escapades, the collapsible crate’s outer shell can also be removed and thrown in the washing machine. When your pet moves, you won’t have to be concerned about the travel crate shifting as well. To secure the crate in place, slip the seatbelt through slots on the rear of the crate and loop the headrest strap over the headrest of the front seat. Your pet won’t be tempted to use the seatbelt as a chew toy on a long journey because a layer of cloth hides it from them. To make it simple to get your pet in and out of the car, whether the crate is behind the driver’s seat or the passenger’s seat, this car crate includes two doors that fully unzip. In order to keep your dog’s leash, poop bags, and treats organized and packed while travelling, the crate also contains two storage compartments with a hook and loop closure.


  • Travel box has a sturdy metal frame that collapses
  • To make room for human passengers in the back seat, this foldable dog
  • When your pet moves, the headrest strap and car seatbelt prevent the cage from moving
  • Mesh allows for vision and lots of airflow for your pet, and a cozy pad with a fleece cover gives them a warm spot to curl up throughout the journey
  • With a leather handle on the rear, you can carry the portable dog crate when you arrive at your destination. Use it to transport your dog to the holiday rental or any other car ride
  • You can help your pet into the travel box from the driver or passenger side of the vehicle using the 2 doors on either side of the crate
  • For simple cleanup, the crate’s fleece cover and outer shell are both waterproof and machine washable


Color:            Gray/Blue
Material:        Fleece
Brand:            PetSafe
Dimensions: 27 in L x 19 in W x 28 in H when open
Maximum Weight:  60 Pounds

PetSafe Ride Dog Travel Crate
PetSafe Ride Dog Travel Crate
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