Ice Cube Tray With Lid – Set of 2 Ice Trays

Finding it hectic to carry the ice tray filled and spilling it on the way? Make it easy with No SPILL ICE CUBE tray. It is innovative as it has a lid and flap to lift and easy fill. Fill the tray with water, probably you can even use it for coffee, juice or flavored ice.
The tray has 14 ice cube slot and a plastic cover to seal the cubes. The custom lid seals the cubes freshness, preventing freezer odors from permeating the liquid during freezing and storage and keeps the cubes clean until you are ready to use them.
Once filled and frozen, the tray can be stacked and stored at any angle, solving space and inconvenience issues common in many home freezers.


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  • For a limited time only, you can order our spill-resistant ice cube tray and we’ll send you two! They both come with a removable lid enabling you to create a total of 28 ice cubes. Of course, they’re entirely BPA-free and dishwasher safe for your convenience and peace of mind.
  • Simply use the convenient circular opening on the side of the lid to fill the ice cubes or alternatively remove the cover completely and fill the ice cube tray with water or your beverage of choice! You may use anything from juices and coffee, to tea or other beverages that come to mind!
  • Our ice cube trays are manufactured in such a way that seals the ice cubes inside the trays and guarantees purity by preventing freezer odors and smells from reaching the liquid inside your ice trays.

Specification: Ice Cube Tray With Lid – Set of 2 Ice Trays


Ice Cube Tray With Lid – Set of 2 Ice Trays
Ice Cube Tray With Lid – Set of 2 Ice Trays


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