DZ Bogeyman Egg Separator

Simply break an egg into the cup and then tilt it to watch the ‘snot’ trickle out of his reddened nose!
A friend for separating your yolk from your egg white. Watch the egg white pour from his nose.
Great fun for the kitchen.


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  • This Bogeyman Egg Separator is a hand kitchen accessory.
  • Crack the eggs into the top and gently tilt forward over a bowl to release the whites from the yolk.
  • It measures around 14 cm x 9.5 Cm x 8.5 And is made of ceramic.
  • Hand wash only in warm soapy water.
  • Perfect gift or present for your mum dad uncle niece nephew brother sister boyfriend girlfriend wife children.

Want to know how a Bogeyman Egg Separator works? It is not that disgusting as you think. But pretty much useful. It is a perfect accessory and an ideal addition to the kitchen accessory. It is designed to separate eggs with ease. The ceramic bogeyman has holes in noses to pout the egg whites from those. Ingeniously separating them from the egg yolks in the process. Break an egg in the cup and tilt it to watch the bogeyman snot trickling from the nose. It is an amazing way to get kids and teenagers involve in the baking and cooking.

Specification: DZ Bogeyman Egg Separator


DZ Bogeyman Egg Separator
DZ Bogeyman Egg Separator


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