Creative Round Glass Coffee Table With 3 Combined Stools



An incredible space-saving designed coffee table which serves multiple purposes, this coffee table that hides three ottomans right underneath it, the surface of the table rises up  easily so you can work easily on laptop and eat a meal.

Not only does the unique coffee table hide three super comfy ottomans right underneath when they’re not in use, but when you raise the surface of the table up, it shows you a secret storage spot for placing your necessary things like tablet, magazines, books, kids toys, TV remotes, and more. It’s perfect for keeping a nice, tidy and uncluttered coffee table when it’s not in use.

This creative round coffee table is made  and sold by Chaji. You can buy this table in two different versions, with or without the ottomans that hide under the table. If you opt to not have the ottomans you’ll save a few hundred bucks.

This liftable coffee table can be used for dual purpose; as coffee table or a desk to get some work done on it. You can roll out ottomans or can have extra sitting when you have guests because it works as benches and stools. This table will add extra decor and functionality to your living room.

The liftable surface to the table is made from high-quality tempered glass, the base frame is made from high quality carbon steel, while the middle storage space area is made from wood. The unique coffee table will come unassembled upon delivery, so you will need to put it together once you receive it.


The unique coffee table comes with 3 padded ottomans

The table measures 31.5 inches in diameter x 18.5 inches tall.

Creative Round Glass Coffee Table With 3 Combined Stools
Creative Round Glass Coffee Table With 3 Combined Stools
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