California Costumes Pet Ups Pal Dog Costume Costume

Talk about turn-about being fair play! This funny costume is a nice version for the UPS man–who can be dog’s best friend or arch-enemy, depending on the day. Any day your dog is in this costume, though, is guaranteed one to bring smiles to all who see!


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We’ve got a special delivery for you and it comes in the form of this adorable UPS Pal dog costume for your pooch.

This delightful costume features that recognizable brown uniform, a matching UPS hat, and a tiny UPS package just for you.

Everyone’s going to delight in your furry little friend’s amazing cute costume.
The UPS pal dog costume includes shirt with a stuffed front and attached arms, a box and a cap.

Box is attached with Velcro to the arms. Box must be cut out from sheet and assembled.

Imagine how lucky is puppy to have a whole new look in the new costume. It can give your friends and family members a big smile.

Everyone at Halloween party would love the pooch outfit.

Does your dog always bark at the delivery male? He might make a decision to change his methods after you clothe him in the UPS Chum Pet Dog Outfit.

The collection consists of a brownish visor with UPS logo, brown t shirt with connected arms and also a square box with UPS logo design and also barcode.

Now if you want your pet dog to have highest ranks in public you can simply purchase the UPS pal outfit Dog Costume. People would definitely stop and take a picture of your pet dog and you will feel great to have compliments too.

100% polyester fabric and fiberfill, 100% polyurethane foam

Shirt has sleeves for dog’s front legs, Fastens around neck with Velcro

Stuffed arms on front of Shirt have Velcro Dots to hold box

Foam visor has elastic Chin strap

Specification: California Costumes Pet Ups Pal Dog Costume Costume


California Costumes Pet Ups Pal Dog Costume Costume
California Costumes Pet Ups Pal Dog Costume Costume
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