Portable Projector Streams HD Video

In case you’re the kind of individual who can’t get enough movies or TV, where you are, this smart mini compact projector may be for you! The Nebula Mars Portable Cinema is an extra minuscule savvy projector that ventures HD quality video just as astounding inherent highlights, for example, Netflix , YouTube and more.

Portable Projector Streams HD Video

The incredibly mini portable projector interfaces right to the problem area of your WiFi or smartphone to stream content from its implicit media applications including Netflix , Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, etc. The portable cinema projector runs on the Android 7.1 OS, lets out 720p HD video, with 300 ANSI LM splendor alongside DLP IntelliBright innovation, even in higher lighted zones, you can get fresh visible film.

mini portable projector

The portable projector Nebula highlights auto-center innovation that will consequently focus the screen any place it is. This can auto-recognize the separation among it and the wall it’s anticipating on without you playing for 5 minutes with the focusing knob.

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In light of your needs, the unit can be fueled by batteries, or connected to a wall outlet. When in battery mode, it very well may be utilized for as long as 4 hours at greatest force, and it tends to be utilized for as long as 30 hours with simply the Bluetooth speaker if you are just utilizing it to play music. It includes an inner li-ion battery of 12,500 mAh/3.85v which takes around 3 hours to totally charge.

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The Nebula Mars has dual 10w speakers worked in with a reduced design, consolidating that with the projector’s HD film and outrageous minimal design, and you’re left with an astonishing portable streaming system that is perfect for the working environment, nursery, outdoors, and more.

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