Portable Bunk Beds Offer Kids Comfortable Sleep

What’s the most exceedingly awful thing about camping? Sleeping on the ground, or listening in to your kids whimper about sleeping on the ground? It is alright to manage each of these issues in turn, however two? I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. This thing called the Kid-O-Bunk is a convenient bed set that you can carry with you when you go outdoors to give a decent agreeable spot to rest for your youngsters in a tent that is not on the cool hard ground.

Portable Bunk Beds

For simplicity of capacity and transport, the portable bunk-beds handily break apart and fit into 2 agreeable zippered packs. The best part is that there are no assembly or disassembly tools required, as the components effectively append to one another and arrangement takes just a couple of moments.

portable bunk-beds

The Kid-O-Bunk camping bunk beds can likewise be utilized as different things when not required for a bed, not only for resting. You can change the beds into a seat or couch for sitting on during the day, or they can be utilized as two separate beds completely independently.

Kid-O-Bunk camping bunk beds

The portable bunk beds are made of polyester, are excessively effective for both indoor and outdoor use, and a high-grade resting deck offers a genuine shaped solace that doesn’t need a center back support or sleeping cushion. The frame of the bunk beds are made of steel covered with hostile to rust powder, which empowers every bed to have an all out weight breaking point of up to 200 lbs. They arrive in a couple of various hues to look over, and even arrive in an adult version as well.

kid-o-bunk bed
portable bunk beds for kids
portable bunk beds for camping
portable bunk beds for adults
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