Portable Air Conditioner Keeps You Cool Wherever You Go!

I feel like I have to pour gallons of cold water over my head just to endure while I am golfing or outside on a fantastically sweltering Summer day. And that’s not to mention the bog that mixes up underneath my underpants. If there was just a single method to carry my climate control system to my home any place I go. The Airwirl is a small versatile air conditioner which is the size of a travel coffee mug that keeps you cool wherever you go.

air conditioner for stroller

The tiny portable air-conditioner fits in pretty much every ordinary cup holder in golf carts, vehicles or even in bikes to keep your kid comfortable on walks. Simply fill it with ice to utilize, put the cap on, and turn it on. The cold ice would then be utilized to blow cool freshen up of the ventilator.

tiny portable air-conditioner

In addition to the fact that it blows cool air on sweltering summer days, yet in chilly days you can even place it in a warmth pack inside unit to blow out warm air. Thus you can utilize the portable warming and cooling unit Airwirl during the year. The air-conditioner travel mug lid has a generator, which has an airpost with a turbine-fan system. The post will then self-center on the ice cubes shapes inside the gadget, and let out cool air the most effective way that could be possible.

Airwirl air conditioner for stroller
Airwirl air conditioner for baby stroller
airwirl stroller cooling system
best airwirl stroller cooling system
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