Pooch Selfie Holds a Ball For Easy Selfies With Your Dog

Finding it difficult to have the selfies with your dog? Get the Pooch Selfie gadget to get the best selfies with your dog.  The Pooch Selfie attracts the attention of your dog and allows it to make a pose for a selfie photo. It is much easier than before to take photos of you with your pets. Dogs consider the Pooch Selfie ball as the playful thing due to which they have their eyes grabbed on it. It is more like a dog toy that entertains the dog attention and enables to have the best photo pose by looking at the camera.

Pooch Selfie

The gadget designed is very simple that holds the ball, it could even be your tennis ball or a plastic ball that can be associated with the phone. This appeals your dog to gaze the ball and take a photo. Before, it was quite difficult to hold the ball in one hand and your smartphone in another hand to capture the photo. Now you can simply buy the Pooch Selfie ball for your tablet or smartphone. The selfie ball holder is easy to fix on your device which does not block the view of camera.

Pooch Selfie gadget

Your pet dog feels accompanied by the dog toy gadget and pays attention to it. This gives you a chance to get the best selfie image with your photo. The ball is seen as the attention seeker for the dog which grabs the attention and the dog gets its eyes on it. Now you can easily purchase the Pooch Selfie Ball holder and get the best moments to capture. Share these memorable images on your social media and let your friends know how cool and easy it is to have a selfie with your dog by simply having the smartphone attachment. Hence, when it comes to pet photography, the first thing you can remember is the squeaky toy attachment. Share the joy, capture selfies and have the awesome portraits as well.

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pooch pet selfie
pooch universal pet selfie
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