Pooch Selfie Holds a Ball For Easy Selfies With Your Dog


I don’t believe it’s easy to get a picture of my dog, it appears to be that no matter what she’s doing, if I put my phone out she’s doing something different that is much less sweet. But if you need to take a selfie with your dog, or if you simply need your dog to take a superior picture by taking a look at the camera, the Pooch Selfie could be for you.

The Pooch Selfie is a gadget that associates with your phone, which is fundamentally a ball holder, so the ball attracts the attention of your dogs and keeps them gazing at the camera, which is a vastly better solution than trying to attempt to get a ball in one hand and snap a photo with the other. It tends to be associated with any mobile phone or tablet and is utilized just by sliding the unit on any phone or tablet and placing the ball into the holder of the ball. The selfie pooch ball holder was intended to permit room not to be blocked for your front and back confronting camera paying little mind to how you have it on.

Furthermore, the pooch selfie accompanies a squeaky ball to place into the holder, however it can likewise work with any normal tennis ball. The ball squeaks so that if your dog loses interest by taking a look at a balls somehow you can undoubtedly give it a quick crush and for another photograph or video, their attention will be back on ball.

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