Pizza Pouch Ensures You Never Get Greasy Pockets

This new pizza pouch might hold any importance for you, whether you’re going to a pizza party, or you simply happen to like pizza excessively much. If you have an additional slice of pizza that you might want to cling to and eat later, you can simply slip your slice into the pizza pouch and wear it around your neck until you’re eager. Not exclusively will it keep the slice of pizza perfect and fresh, yet it will likewise protect your pockets from getting oily into your jeans pockets from stuffing pizza slices, as regular people do.

Pizza Pouch

The pizza slice holding lanyard wraps traditionally around your waist, and features your pizza through an unmistakable sleeve that is molded like a triangle to hold your additional slice of pizza. A good thought for pizza lovers, party goers who need to store pizza, or the individuals who simply need to wear their pizza with satisfaction.

Pizza Pocket pouch

The pizza pouch is made and advertised by Fairly Strange Novelties, is transparent, accompanies a helpful 36 inch long red lanyard with a pizza design on it, it fits across the board size, it has a zipper sealable top to guarantee the freshest pizza slice when you open it back up, and it estimates 11.6 inches long x 9.6 inches tall.

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