Pinch Hold Mug Strengthens Grip and Keeps You Alert!

If you’re an excited climber or simply getting into the game. Improve your pinch grip with this cool new Pinch Hold Mug and wake your senses up with an exceptionally sip of coffee. This high-quality coffee mug is totally handless aside from the surface on the stone face that can be picked with a quick pinch of your fingertips.  It’s an ideal coffee cup for climbers. Vulcans rehearsing their nerve pinch, or anybody with weak hands who enjoys spilling hot coffee in their laps.
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Pinch Hold Mug

The pinch hold coffee mug includes a slender sliver of rock rather than a genuine handle on the cup. Making it exceptionally difficult to get without truly folding your hand over the whole cup. It will assist you with improving your pinch hold. And will urge you to flex the way that you are a stone climber on your associates.

best Pinch Hold Mug

You should practice your pinch hold grip or you may very well love a precipice’s side surface. Whatever your defense for having a coffee cup for the stone climbers, I’m not here to pass judgment.

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Matt coating earthenware created this this rock climbing pinch hold coffee mug . Makes an incredible blessing thought for rock climbers. It has no real handle other than a stone precipice surface, and handcrafted in the UK, measures 3.2 x 3.4 x 5 inches.

best rock climbing mug

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best climbing cliff mug

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