Pie Face Showdown – A Fun Game for the Whole Family

You’ve all seen the Pie Face Game, similar to the Russian Roulette game, to see who gets a pie in his face! Well, with another version that makes it a bit more serious, Hasbro is back. The game can be played with a can of whipped cream or a wet wipe, yet it isn’t played with a genuine pie. Two individuals bring their face up to a sprinkle window in Pie Face Showdown, and see who can mash their button the quickest. The hand holding the pie step nearer to their side of the game would make the individual who is more slow at squeezing the button. The hand will spill the pie in their face if the hand arrives at all the way to their side.

Pie Face Showdown

You can give them a little advantage in case you’re playing with a more youthful youngster by beginning with the arm nearer to the stronger player. They have even more possibility of winning. It’s overly simple to set it up when you’re prepared to play, simply load the throwing arm, placed your faces in the sprinkle windows, and begin machining the buttons.

Pie Face Game

The pie face showdown game is a great blessing thought for kids, college students, or even grown-ups, and a good time for the whole family, and is too simple to set up and clean afterwards. The pack incorporates the mashing console for the main button, two sprinkle windows, two jaw rests, a pie tossing arm, and a wipe you can use rather than whipped cream.

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