Pet Feeder Scan Makes Sure Right Pet Eats Right Food

If you’re similar to me, you have one big bastard dog, and one tiny dog, because the huge dog eats all the food and leaves the little one with none left over. The SureFeed pet feeder is a pet feeding bowl that first scans the RFID chip of your dog or cat and ensures that it is the correct pet before opening the automatic door flap to the food bowl to guarantee that the right pet devours the correct food.

SureFeed pet feeder

The door will open for them to eat as soon as the dog or cat approaches the food bowl (accepting they have the correct microchip), and the door to the food will close as they leave. Not exclusively does this innovation hinder the food hoarding dogs from expending the food of another person, it will shield the food from drying out and debilitate infants from playing around in the dog food.

surefeed pet feeder

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is viable with all worldwide pet tracking microchips and will likewise work with a SureFlap RFID label that you can undoubtedly stick to your pet collar rather, in addition to the feeder arrives in various colors to browse which both the food bowl and the mat before the feeder are customized (default is grey).

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

The opening of the bowl is 8.3 inches wide x 6.1 inches long and the size of the entire bowl is 4.1 inches wide x 6.3 inches long x 1.1 inches deep. The tangle estimates 8 inches wide x 4.4 inches long before the tub, while the entire feeder estimates 12.6 inches wide x 7.9 inches long.

surefeed pet feeder rear
surefeed pet feeder bowl
surefeed microchip pet feeder
best surefeed pet feeder
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