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Paper Towel Dispenser-Unique addition to Washroom

Oddity Trend features multiple products that are unique, geeky and unusual. The platform allows you to browse wide variety of products. Check and shop for most exciting items and accessories. Another stuff is now added to the category which is the paper towel dispenser. It looks like a wiener dog, except its torso that is replace by the paper towel roll. These looks simply funny; the dog towel dispenser is made from the resin.
This makes it look real it real and becomes center of attraction. The washroom paper dispenser for paper towel is available in two colors; black and brown color. It is made from resin and metal with a homestead design. Cleaning it is quite simple and easy, just take a wet cloth and wipe it to give a fresh look.

The dog paper towel dispenser weights around 2.8lbs and measures almost 16.8inches x 10inches long and 5.1inches wide. The paper towel holder dog shaped can simply act like you are petting it and these are available in different versions too. One version is dark brown and the other version of this is available in light grey color.


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