PanWaffle Makes Pancake and Waffle In One Tasty Combo

Regularly it’s hard to decide if to make the morning meal pancakes or waffles. Another is smooth, soft and sweet, and other has surface that will make you slobber when you see it. In the event that just there was an approach to effortlessly render them! Presently it is! The PanWaffle is a remarkable pan which permits you to make both a waffle and a pancake in one delectable combo.


The PanWaffle wraps together a pancake’s deliciousness with the lovely surface of a pancake. A mini waffle will be the center of your panwaffle while the outside of your delightful breakfast creation will be unadulterated pancake.

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Simply put the PanWaffle on your stove just like some other pan you may utilize, pour in your waffle/flapjack player and close the cover. So simply leave the PanWaffle on the stove, flipping it on the two sides, and you’ll have a magnificent immensity of breakfast prepared to eat in a matter of seconds.

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The PanWaffle pancake waffle combo pan is produced using unique materials which equally spread the warmth from your oven over the entire pancake waffle. Furthermore, it has convenient handles that stay cool during the time spent cooking so you can rapidly turn it over without utilizing any stove gloves.

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The PanWaffle locks open with the goal that when endeavoring to grab your pancake waffle mix it won’t hammer shut down, it rapidly breaks separated for speedy cleaning directly in the dishwasher, and its PFOA-free nonstick covering can help evade scratches and stains.

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The PanWaffle takes a shot at pretty much every type of oven, be-it electric, gas or ceramic, is super-light, non-stick, contains no lead or cadmium, loads simply 3.13 lbs, and measures 11.3 inches long x 9.2 inches wide x 1.2 inches thick.

best pan waffle maker
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