Panda Mug Gives Your Cookies A Safe and Cozy Hug!

How would you get when you join 3 of the existence’s best things ever? I’m dreaming about pandas, kisses, and cookies! What you get is this too cool Panda Mug that keeps your treats in its side. The friendly style makes it seem as though the panda gives an embrace to your cookies. How charming this is?
Dunky Cup | Oreo Mug

Panda Mug

Simply set your cookies in the little space and they’re all set back to your work area for sure fire suppers or safe vehicle! Furthermore, it helps fend off your cookies from others’ paws. For some scrumptious snappy treat dunking, you can utilize the cup to convey coffee, or simply fill it with milk.

best Panda Mug

It’s alright if the panda has it’s paws all finished, he’ll make certain to guard it for you before you’re prepared to eat up it. This charming mug is produced using top notch artistic dolomite and can oblige the entirety of your preferred beverages, regardless of whether hot or cold.

panda mug with biscuit holder

The Panda coffee mug isn’t safe for the microwave or dishwasher, yet that is fine. Simply wash him tenderly by hand and he will embrace your treats for long to come. To any panda or creature sweetheart, this mug makes an ideal blessing. But it will consistently discover charming and sweet for the individuals who don’t adore creatures as much as you might be.

best panda mug with biscuit holder

panda mug with cookie holder

best panda mug with cookie holder

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