Pan Lets You Create Mini Multi-Tiered Cakes

Who on earth is not a cake lover? The cake is something that has become an obvious sweet dish for all of us. Usually, the cake making process is hectic. You have to mold each piece into shape and put them in oven and then stack the piece onto one another after baking. Now making a cake in home is ideally easy in homes.
Make Mini Multi-Tiered Cakes and enjoy your days.
cake trayThe easy to make solution is inexpensive and lets you create multi-tiered cakes quicker. Just stack them onto one another after baking. Through the multi-layer cake tray you can make events and occasions special. Gorgeous multi-tiered cakes are truly a feast for the eyes, we give you that.
But a miniature version of these sumptuous cakes definitely takes the cake.

cake pan

Enjoy a nice party, birthdays or anniversaries and make life’s ideal memories. For making the multi-tier birthday cake simple pour in the batter into the pan and bake it upside down. It features easy releasing once the cake is done. The tray or container is non-stick and makes cleaning easy. The product has two version available, larger and smaller.

non sticky traymulti layer cake pan
Larger tray makes 4 and smaller tray makes 2 mini cakes. The mini multi-layer cake pan is made from heavy duty aluminized steel, which is superior for heat conduction. What makes it unique is the size and the tiers that makes each cake look simply cute and delicious.
To make mini wedding cakes or mini birthday cakes the mini-multi layer cake tray makes absolutely adorable delights.

multi layer cake

The tray lets you create hybrid of cakes since it has tiers, different flavors and colors which will ultimately give amazing taste and make your event special than ever. The good thing is that these Mini Multi-Tiered Cakes can be altered with any flavor combination. Let your imagination run wild and decorate the way you like with fondant or buttercream.
Multi-Tiered Cakes

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