Pac-Man Lamps with Vintage Theme

If you were a Pac-Man player once, or even an ongoing Pac-Man devotee, chances are that you’re caught in your mind with those addictive sounds right up till today. This light will assist you with entertaining yourself every single day with these nostalgic sounds. These unique lights are molded much like Pac-Man and the famous ghosts. They light up, one synchronizes with your music, and different plays audio effects from Pac-man.

Pac-Man Lamps

The Pac-Man light accompanies with a remote that permits you to rapidly divert it on and off from a far distance, play irregular Pac-Man sounds, and even diminish or light up the light to your ideal splendor. There are two distinct methods of the Pac-man Ghost light, a party mode that will match up its lights to any music it hears, and another mode that turns gradually through the entirety of its tones.

Pac-Man light

The Pac-Man lamp is 8 inches in measurement, is light yellow in shading and, when turned on, shines a considerably more brilliant yellow. The nostalgic lamp is made of plastic, it goes through an aggregate of 12 distinct Pac-Man audio effects, and it has 3 felt legs that keep it from tumbling off or slipping around. It is controlled by a 100-240V ~50/60Hz AC connector with type A fitting, alongside a a small remote powered by a battery with a CR2025 button cell, which are all included with the lamp.

Pac-man Ghost light

Powered by a USB cord, the Pac-man phantom light has an affectability handle on the rear of it that permits you to control how touchy it tunes in and matches up to the music you play. The affectability handle is useful for different circumstances of playing music far away versus exceptionally near the lamp.

Pac-man phantom light
 pac man ghost lamp
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