Oreo Mug Set Is What Cookie Lover Ever Dreamed Of!

If you ever think it was a touch hard to dip Oreo cookies in milk, so imagine a scenario in which you leave it in a modest piece excessively long and it severs. Think about me in supporting you, for you are not the only one. Obviously, there are a lot of devices and gizmos out there to assist you with putting away and dunk your Oreos and cookies, similar to Oreos Dunky Cup and now there is an amazing Oreo Mug Set.

oreo cookie holder for milk

The Oreo Dunking Set accompanies a reasonable glass mug for holding milk. A sleeve that joins heaps of Oreo cookies right to the mug. Alongside a little arrangement of tongs that permit you to handily dip your cookies into the milk without dirtying your hands. What’s more, it additionally accompanies three small scale Oreo treat pockets to kick you off.

best oreo cookie holder for milk

Additionally, I should top the treat sleeve off to 2 to multiple times to fulfill my needs. The Oreo Dunking Set sure beats other cookie holding mugs out there that suit 1 or 2 cookies max. The cookie confine fits in there around 7 Oreos. Yet nobody shields you from heaping them higher and perilously living.

oreo dunk mug

An ideal blessing thought for cookie dunking lovers. The Oreo milk mug and cookie sleeve accompanies a smaller scale fiber Oreo napkin, and is top-rack dishwasher easy for simple cleanup.

best oreo dunk mug

oreo dunking

oreo dunking set

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