Mini Leather Coin Purses

It’s not every day that you see a coin purse that is additionally a weapon. This Mini Multi-Tool Outdoor Coin Purse Men Self-Defense tool is just that. It is a mouthful, too. And potentially illegitimate. And might be a knock-off. You can turn your coins into a weapon with this special leather coin purse to kill would-be robbers and assaulters. Indeed, in one, it’s a coin purse and a self-defense weapon. It’s made for men although real men don’t carry purses of coins.

This leather coin purse is sufficiently little to fit on your belt but then large enough to incur some entirely unpleasant smacks on bad people trying to steal your spare change. In an emergency just unsnap the purse of the coin, hold onto the handle, swing and smash anything that needs to be smashed. So, placing coins like this one in a leather bag is kind of like that. It will hurt like hell.

The purse is handmade from heavy, distressed leather, that comes in either brown or dark brown colors to choose from. It has zippered closure to hold the coins inside as you give your street justice. It’s designed with a single snap to fasten it to your belt, allowing it to be released quickly when you need it.

The self-defense tool of the coin purse is ideal for outdoor sports enthusiasts, everyday carry enthusiasts, or any individual who truly needs to carry some additional coinage around while having the option to ensure themselves as an assailant. The coin purse is 10 cm long x 3 cm wide.


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