Nimble Allows You to Cut Anything Using Just 1 Finger


You need to get your thumb through one hole, and your fingers through another hole. It’s a hassle to utilize scissors. Who has an ideal opportunity for that? The Nimble is essentially a mini scissor that sticks right to at the tip of your finger and permits you to utilize just 1 finger to cut practically everything.

Great for wrapping presents, cutting boxes, opening letters, opening bags, opening the bundling of those terrible plastic things, and considerably more. The Nimble spots a mini blade directly on your fingertip and has countless applications at the workplace or around the building.

The Nimble mini fingertip blade is made of silicone elastic, so for an extra long blessing wrapping session it will be fun and simple to utilize, and it is a lot more simple to use than some long scissors or a box shaper, as the blade is a couple of millimeters long. The Nimble is yellow in shading, measures 3.9 inches long x 2.9 inches in width x 0.9 inches thick and weighs just 0.6 oz.

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