Nightstand Doubles as a Bat and Shield for Your Self-Defense

We’ve highlighted some ingenious alternatives in the past with regards to self-defense that include the pepper spray llama, the leather coin purse bat, and the stun gun gloves. But if you rest through an intrusion into your home, your most ideal alternative is something directly close to your bed. Furthermore, this funny, however exceptionally reasonable, self-defense nightstand may be your next smartest choice for the individuals who don’t possess or don’t need a gun around the house.

Woodquail Bat and Shield

The self-defense nightstand changes into a bat and shield and will be helpful during a home intrusion as a safeguarding weapon. The bat serves in as the leg and foundation of solo nightstands, while the shield serves in as the surface of the tables. To utilize it, simply pull it up on the table to divide the pieces while holding your foot on the base, and they are isolated for use right away.

self-defense nightstand

There are two handles on the underside of the tabletop that can twist around your arm for use as a shield, while the bat looks and seems like an ordinary base ball bat and can be utilized as such if proper. When not being utilized as a self-defense tool, the handles on the underside of the tabletop may likewise be utilized to mastermind cables.

bat and shield nightstand

The self-defense nightstand bat and shield is made of bamboo wood and is stained to protect it against water and make it simple to clean the nightstand. For somebody living alone who is additionally looking for a quick and solid approach to safeguard themselves effectively, it’s a good thought.

self defense nightstand bat and shield
self defense Bat and Shield Set
self defense furniture
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