Munch Mitt -Wearable Teething Toy for Your Infants

Infants who are teething stick their mouths on anything. Oh, anyway, babies do that, yet getting teeth infants need something to bite on. It should truly hurt to develop new teeth. Rather than putting your controllers, tablets, and other household objects in your mouth, the Munch Mitt would help, as it gives them something to wear that they can chew on.

Munch Mitt

They actually put their hands in their mouths anyway, so this item makes perfect sense. This mitt will make everything only somewhat more clean. The teething mitt frequently keeps your kid from scratching themselves, and their faculties are initiated by the implicit crinkling sound. You may wear the Munch Mitt on either your child’s left or right side.

munch mitt baby bunting

The teething mitten is made of food grade silicone and is liberated from BPA, so your youngster isn’t worried about it. The texture on the glove is breathable and delicate as well. The mitt comes in five fun tones, for example, water blue , green, shine of purple, gleam of yellow and pink, and is ideal for youngsters aged 3 to 7 months.

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Munch Mitt
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