Multi-Color Hanging Cups Make Things Easier For Kids!

The Puj PhillUp is known as the “First Hanging Kid’s Cup on this Planet.” I don’t have the foggiest idea whether that is valid or not, yet I do know it’s an extraordinary idea. They all need their preferred cup when you’re hzaving a few children, regardless of whether it has an exceptional color or whatever the explanation. It tends to be hard to monitor which one has a place with which kid, so keeping them clean is likewise a problem.  Everything prompts more dishes and more mess. These Multi-Color Hanging Cups make things simple for everybody.

Puj PhillUp

Your children will never need to approach you again for a cup, as they can get it directly from the fridge or wall, fill it in the ice chest, and have a beverage in their hand while you have another sort of drink out on the yard. Each cup has a circle directly on the edge of the lip to hang it effectively onto its assigned handle.

puj phillup kid cups

Because each cup is facilitated in color and not quite the same as one another, your children will consistently recognize what theirs are. In addition, the handle from which they hang their cup will coordinate their cup’s shading, so they will realize where to return it.

phillup hangable kids cups

You simply utilize 3 M glue snares to hang the cups which stick to glass , metal, tile and different materials without harming anything. This implies youngsters will take them, use them and afterward set them back, giving them an additional exceptional cup to utilize and reuse. That means less cleaning up dishes for mother and father as well.

puj phillup - hangable kids cups

These cups arrive in a 2 cup pack, are safe for the dishwasher and are additionally liberated from BPA and PVC. They ought to be a hit with multi-kid family units, they are basic, wonderful and utilitarian, a mix which guardians love all over. The hanging cups will even assistance de-mess your home, limit the quantity of dishes and keep the youngsters glad.

phillup cups

The kids who hang cups are sold in a pack of two, in a pack of four, or only a pack of one. So you can get both 2 bundles to get every one of the 4, get each of the 4 on the double, else you can likewise buy each cup separately. Not just extraordinary for holding drinks, you can likewise utilize the hanging cups to hold toothbrushes, colored pencils, markers, little toys and more.

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