Mini Whale Bathtub – Happy Bathing to Your Babies!

To bathe. It is an important part of life. As adults, we know what to do but it can be difficult to bathe our babies and children. When it’s time to bathe your baby first, are you going to do that right? Several parents are incorporating bath time into the nightly routine for their infant. It’s a perfect tool for helping your child to relax, unwind and get ready to sleep. With this mini whale bathtub, on account of those slippery bath tubs, you won’t need to stress over your child slipping about. What’s more, a special reward about this tub is that it spares water since you don’t top off the whole tub to clean your own little chunk.
Kids Shower Head

This mini whale bathtub is created to guarantee your child enjoys a bath time! It accompanies 10 beautiful floating balls which transform the bath time into an enjoyment splashy ball pit. There are likewise ringers in the whale’s story so every time your little chunk makes a stage the whale gives a little jingle.

This inflatable bath is 30 “x 18” so it fits inside your regular tub; make sure you keep all that splendid splashing in there! The tub comes in two choices in color-blue and teal. The blue tub comes in balls of brown, green, and purple. The teal tub comes in balls of white, teal, and purple. Both tubes feature a smiling whale face in the tail and two jungle balls for added fun for baby ears.


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