Memo Bottle Fits Easily Into Bag- Portable Bottle

A regular water bottle some of the time just takes excessively much space in a briefcase, courier, or purse. That is the reason this organization has made a water bottle that is in reality flat and long so it fits well in your bag while fitting in directly close by your documents or other fundamental materials that you wouldn’t need a standard water bottle to trouble.

Memo Bottle

The ‘Memo Bottle’ as so it is called, made to suit where you need it, comes in two distinct sizes, a smaller variant considered the A6 that can oblige up to 12.6 liquid oz, and a bigger one considered the A5 that fits up to 25.4 liquid oz.

Memo water Bottle

The memo bottle is truly durable and well made as it is made of reused BPA-Free plastic and is likewise protected in the cooler if you need to bring any cold water around it. If you have adequately large pockets, the Memo Bottle could fit serenely in your coat or jacket without distending out as much as a normal bottle of water.

A5 Memo water Bottle
A6 Memo water Bottle
A5 Memo Bottle
slim memobottle
best a6 memo bottle
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