Mason Jar Flip Cap Lids

Your food stuff got rotten even in proper packed jar. May be the lid is not airtight or unable to keep your stuff fresh. Your all worries are going to be solved soon. This Mason Jar Flip Cap Lids are trouble less to open and close and keep your stuff fresh in jar. The jar is specially designed to overcome all your troubles. Switch to this lid and start living with ease because this gadget will solve you all problems.

The Mason Jar Flip Cap Lid with handle is ubiquitous and will fit with all capacious mason jars. The flip cap is tie up tenaciously and will never let the stuff to spill out no matter the circumstances. Make sure that your mason jar contain wide mouth before purchasing because it only fits with capacious mason jar.

This is a unique solution to Mason jar family and it is classy and colorful too. The lid allows for easy brewing, pouring and storage of beverages with a mason jar. Its pouring technology allows the lid to open easily and stay open during pouring and drinking is a no-brainer. The mason jar flip cap lid cannot flip down without coerce so you will be saved from unexpected messes.

This lid is damp-proof due to an integrated silicone gasket that makes it impervious. It will not leak and keep the surrounding mess free. The airtight quality of lid will keep the food and beverage fresh for prolong time. The mason jar flip cap closes firmly and provides reliable seal. It is secured to the lid and you can hold the jar. The seal design is dynamic and it minimizes friction so that it will make easy to removing the lid easier.

Some lids will need a jolt to open the lid and during the whole process it will mess up the contents in the jar, not this flip cap lid. Turn your mason jar into classy and colorful pitchers that can be used to pour the juice, syrup ice tea, or even store the breast milk. There are plenty of applications with this flip cap lid and it’s all down to an airtight seal, light proof lid, and easy pour technology.

The stuff in your mason jar will remain fresh and it will not create a mess when pouring them. This is for capacious mason jars, these jars measures roughly 3 inches inside the mouth.

The flip cap lid can wash in dishwasher and the integrated seal is detachable for cleaning it. The prime quality plastic material is used in manufacturing this lid. It’s BPA free material and is food safe. The segregated handle and flip cap lid make pouring an easy thing to do. You will discard all of your previous mason jar lids once you experience this one.

The mason jar flip cap lid is stylish, lasting, made from best quality of plastic, easy to pour, sealed and will make your life easier. This mason jars are perfect storing lemonade, fresh juice, cold coffee, breast milk, ice tea and other beverages.


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