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Makita Auto feed Screwdriver Gun – Makes work easier

Who doesn’t want to make work easier in life? The hammer multi tool is one of a kind that can make your work easier than ever. One of the most unique innovation is the 14 in 1 hammer that is more like a multi tool. Call it an incredible modular tool box. This makes daunting home projects easier. The powerful four pole motor delivers an excellent speed of 4,000 rpm. It’s the Makita Auto feed screwdriver that runs through a series of screws.
screw driver gunA perfect tool for big projects such as decking, sub floor installation, drywall, the Makita auto feed machine uses higher capacity range of 1″ to 2-1/8” for collated screws. The dust proof aluminum autofeed keeps the screwdriver light and nice. It provides smooth sliding action. The Auto feed Screwdriver Gun has soft rubber grip that makes working easier specially on bigger projects.

Auto feed Screwdriver Gun

The part of the gun tool that guides the screws can also be folded up against the auto feed housing for easy storage. The standout feature on Auto feed Screwdriver Gun is the Push Drive system. When you lock-on the tool, simply engage the fastener to drive the tool. This is good once you are over with your day job and next day you can unfold it to continue working.
makita screw driver kit
Most of the tools are not ergonomically designed, but this makita auto feed drywall screw gun is compact and ergonomically designed. The smart multi tool measure 16-1/4” long and weighs just 5.1 lbs when the battery is attached. This is one of the best screw guns ever seen.
makita screwdriver gun

It saves time rather than having screws in pocket and hammering them one by one. The makita collated screwdriver gun is highly operational and performs job with efficiency. It features rotational speed and improved screw strip attachment. The power tools are highly recommended.

makita collated screwdriver gun

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