Lounge Pool Inflatable

Lounge Pool Inflatable

Experiencing hot days? Why not get a good time to enjoy in waters. The Intex Inflatable Pool provides an adventurous experience. This pool is enough for four persons to jump in and enjoy the day in waters. For a couple with children, the inflatable lounge pool serves as mini pool that has four built-in chairs on each corner of the pool. Four people can spend a great time with kids having fun in summers. The middle area of pool is for kids where they can play and enjoy splashing the water. The corners of the pool are for adults that serves as comfy built-in lounge chairs.

Intex Inflatable Pool

The inflatable lounge chair pool measures 7.5ft long x 7.5ft wide with back rests which measure approximately 26inches in length. The pool offers two cup holders’ built-in space as well. The pool can be deflated and carried to places you travel such as for picnic. Once, the Intex family lounge pool is deflated completely, it weighs about 16.78 pounds. It is easy to fold and store as well. The 4 in 1 pool float is a perfect lounge to spot with friends and family on summer days and along with it you can enjoy barbecue as well in your backyard. Inflatable lounge pool with seats can blow up in just few minutes using any air pump.



swimming pool inflatable

These days people avoid being public place due to pandemic. It is a nice option to air up the foldable pool in your garden or backyard and relax with peace of mind. The kids get the perfect place to enjoy with making addition of more toys into it. The pool is here for sale and can be ordered online for delivery to USA and Canada customers.

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