Library Card Mug Looks Like Check Out Cards at the Library

Recall those cards you needed fill out while you were checking out a library book? Since I haven’t been to the library in 20 years. However, clearly, they (possibly still do) used to exist. This coffee mug is intended to appear as though one of those library check-out cards, and is likely the best blessing you can give to a librarian or book lover (which is basically the both of them) who serves as a coffee consumer.

Library Card Mug

Make sure to record the author (maker of the coffee) when you utilize the card mug, the title (name of the coffee you’re drinking), the date you drank your coffee, alongside your name to guarantee that the following individual who utilizes the mug to see this coffee drink is registered ever.

Library Card coffee Mug

Like those nostalgic library checkout cards, the library checkout card mug is splendid yellow in shading and is made of ceramic, and with each acquisition of the mug, 1 book is really donated. It is safe for dishwashing, safe for microwaves, fit for holding 12 oz of liquid, and is an additional tall and thin mug with additional thick walls to shield the liquid inside from the sun.

yellow library card mug
best yellow library card mug
best library card mug
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