Ladder Lockdown Holds Your Ladder Securely

What’s the sketchiest thing of ladder climbing? The way that the ladder could slip in backward anytime and you tumble to your downfall. The Ladder Lockdown goes under your ladder, stopping sidelong movement and kick-up of the ladder. If you use ladders in a great deal, putting the Lockdown under your ladder a couple of additional seconds might already spare your life one day.

Ladder Lockdown

On pretty much every sort of surface, like grass, concrete, rocks, tile, hardwood flooring, and even on ice, the Ladder Lockdown works. Contingent upon what kind of surface you are on, you can utilize spikes that solidly keep the Lockdown set up with spikes, depending upon how it works. Otherwise, on surfaces like hardwood floors and tiles, the unit utilizes non-slip elastic holds for use.

anti slip ladder stopper

Whenever you have the Ladder Lockdown safely in place, put your ladder on top of it with the legs flush with the front side of the tray, clip one end of the included strap to the tray, then run the lash through the third crosspiece of the ladder, and clip the opposite end of the strap back onto the Ladder Lockdown plate until you have the Ladder Lockdown solidly set up. You’re all set and utilize your ladder in light of greatest security until the strap is pulled close and is snug in place.

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