Kitty Pod Gives The Perfect View Of Lounge to Your Feline

Much like gazing out at the world as you’re tasting your morning coffee, your feline consistently appreciates a view while they’re relaxing around the room. What’s more, if they are not permitted outside, they will even now have the option to see the world during the day with awesome perspectives in the middle of snoozes. This kitty pod encourages you to introduce a feline bed directly into your window, with the goal that your cats whole wall is the window to the outside world.
Bubble Window Bed

Kitty Pod

The window mounted cat bed arrives in a couple of various variants to look over, ideal for mounting on your home windows or even in your vehicle if your feline likes to take trips with you. There is a standard full kitty unit that has two gaps to enter and exit, there is the half kitty pod that just goes up midway, and afterward there is an air pocket kitty pod that takes the full case and adds an air pocket window to the back for additional perspectives.

cat pod for window

The window mounted feline bed cuts onto each window and fills in as a definitive cat amusement focus which is off the beaten path and doesn’t occupy a lot of room on the floor. The kitty pod, put on the window, accompanies a free kitty cushion that you can put for additional comfort inside the pod

window mounted feline bed

The high-quality suction can hold up to 60 lbs of weight on the kitty pod, so no concerns if your feline is somewhat overweight. The kitty pods window arrives in a couple of various colors to look over, accompanies a 1 year guarantee, is effectively mounted in seconds on any gadget, and can differ in size contingent upon the version you pick.

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