Keyboard Waffle Iron Makes An Awesome Looking Waffles

The Waffle Iron keyboard is a waffle iron looking like a computer keypad. At first created as an idea by a Brooklyn-based visual fashioner Chris Dimino for a venture where he brought to the table another significance to an old recognizable article for a school venture. The keyboard shape iron isn’t warmed, so basically put it on your burner or grill to warm it up, splash it with a non-stick covering, pour in your waffle blend, turn it over, open it and devour heavenly waffles as a keyboard.
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Keyboard Waffle

The keypad-shaped waffle iron is made of die-cast aluminum, has heat-safe bakelight handles, can be immediately washed with boiling water and platter soap in your shower, and will deal with gas and glass/ceramic stove tops.

Keyboard Waffle Iron
Waffle Iron keyboard
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keypad-shaped waffle iron
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