Ice Maker Doubles as a Bottle and Keeps Drinks Chilled

You may recall an ice plate with a lid that prevents you from spilling the entirety of the water. Yet, on this Ice Kettle ice maker, they truly have nothing. In addition to the fact that it allows you to make up to 24 ice balls in a single freezing session effectively and neatly, it additionally serves as a compact container that keeps your beverages chilled for quite a while.

ice maker doubles as a portable water bottle

Essentially collapse the ice kettle and fill it with water to make the ice balls, at that point press the ice kettle so the water line up with the fill line and put the cap on. This will press the abundance water and air so it is filled flawlessly. Then freeze it in the cooler for 6-7 hours without stressing over whatever spills our emerging from the ice maker. When you’ve completed, you can extend the gadget and effectively empty your ice balls into a glass without prying them out like an ordinary ice tray.

dual ice maker

The genius part about the ice kettle is that before spilling the ice balls out, you can extend the device and pour in a drink. That way you can keep a beverage with you and keep it chilled and cold throughout the day for a considerable length of time. You can utilize the cap of the ice kettle like a water bottle, simply take the top off to take a taste and screw it back on when you are finished. The cap is appended with a strap so you’ll never lose it.

2 in 1 ice maker

Since the ice kettle stays airtight, it tends to be put on a level plane or vertically in your freezer relying upon how best you can utilize the space in your freezer. Ideal for mixed drink parties, use in bars, cafes, on the beach, holiday events, travel, exercise and more. The ice balls won’t just be produced using water, yet you can likewise utilize any liquid based on your personal preference to make fun and one of a kind beverages for a gathering, including fruit juice, tea, coffee, and more.

ice maker doubles

The Ice Kettle 2-in-1 ice maker and compact water bottle is white in shading, although more shading choices can be found. It estimates 10.7 inches tall x 4.5 inches wide x 2.3 inches thick, it’s made of BPA-Free tritanium plastic, it’s non-harmful, release free and it’s made of great materials so it won’t split or break.

Ice Kettle 2-in-1 ice maker
best Ice Kettle 2-in-1 ice maker
best ice maker doubles
Ice Kettle 2-in-1 ice maker and compact water bottle
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