Innovative Slippers That Can Carry Your Necessary Stuff

When you don’t have enough pockets to spare, where do you put your stuff in. And hey, there’s plenty of swim trunks today that don’t have pockets, and if you’re stuck with pool floats so coolers. Where are you putting your wallet, phone or keys. Nike took the initiative to fix this age-old issue. These innovative slippers have a fanny pack. Located comfortably on the slide strap, we’re shocked that no one has ever thought of this before.
Fanny Pack Cap

They’re known as the Nike Benassi JDI fanny pack slides. And they could be the last spot a thief attempts to rob your money and goods. Except if obviously they look down and see the giant zipper hanging off the side of your shoes.

An innovative slippers are accessible on Nike’s site. They arrive in a variety of shades and designs to select from, incorporating red with blue, white on white, dark with a printed design, and so on.

The pocket sandals are made with a woven texture lash offering additional protection, a phylon froth padded sole alongside a finished footbed giving a lightweight solace when wearing them. There is a herringbone outsole design on the base of every shoe which offers adaptability and footing.


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